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Donnie Bubbles

UkeToob Has Moved!!!!

Posted by Donnie Bubbles | 11:48 AM

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Donnie Bubbles

Well done original song by HaileISela and his friend Stotco....

YouTube: HaileISela
MySpace: Stotco

Ben Mealer - I Saw Stars

Posted by Donnie Bubbles | 7:00 AM

Ben, who's singing and mouth trumpeting are a perfect match for the banjolele, does a great job on this song he learned from a tutorial by Coveywood.

YouTube Channel: benmealer
Tutorial: Coveywood - I Saw Stars

The recording is a little squelchy at times, but worth putting up with for such a fine singer....

Excellent instrumental take on the Ray Charles classic....

YouTube Channel: africatwin07

Fun song and a great performance by the modestly named AllStarMar....

YouTube Channel: allstarmar

Back when my evil spawn ruled the TV remote, The Angry Beavers was the only show they liked that didn't make me want to poke my own eyes out, so I still have a soft spot for this song....

YouTube Channel: PhilDoleman

Can't decide which is more shocking: how cool Hobbit looks in a fez, or the fact that so many people can walk past a busker of his talent and not drop some coins in his case....

YouTube Channel: HowlinHobbit

Bessie Smith's "Ain't Nobody's Business" by way of Eric Clapton's version played on a beautiful Makapili pineapple uke with just enough reverb to make it awesome ....

YouTube Channel: Sheepstar15

This is it - the last Danielle Ate the Sandwich video we are going to post. Every time she releases one it is the best video of the week if not the month, so she is going into the "UkeToob Pantheon of Ukers You Should Already be Subscribing to and Hence There is No Reason for Me to Mention That They Have a New Video."

YouTube Channel: daniellesmagic

Agathe - New Born

Posted by Donnie Bubbles | 7:00 AM

Great strumming, interesting and well produced video, but her voice is still the star of any show...

YouTube Channel: Peyrson

plexophonic - I'm Pau

Posted by Donnie Bubbles | 7:00 AM

Plexophonic back with another fun multi-track-split-screen extravaganza....

YouTube Channel: Plexophonic

jazzdog49 - Black Orpheus

Posted by Donnie Bubbles | 7:00 AM

Day Six of Baritone Week: Bossa Nova played sweet and mellow on the baritone....

YouTube Channel: jazzdog49

Day Five of Baritone Week: Tarbank prefers re-entrant tuning for his baritone. Not sure if I agree, or if I just believe anything he says with that melodious voice of his....

YouTube: Tarbank