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Donnie Bubbles

Nice little rag from Howlin` Hobbit...

YouTube Channel: howlinhobbit

Incredible technic and amazing soul in everything he plays...

James Hill: James Hill
Dick Dale: Dick Dale and His Del-Tones

The Minor Constellations have a new album out now.

YouTube Channel: MinorConstellations

Da, dunt, da, da, dunt, dunt, dunt, da.  Da, dunt, da, da, dunt, dunt, dunt, da...

The Champs: The Champs
YouTube Channel: ukulelecoolia

Another Bushman entry and one of my favorite Vampire Weekend songs.

Vampire Weekend: Vampire Weekend
YouTube Channel: katiephampham

Masterful rendition of this Jimi Hendrix song...

Jimi Hendrix:  The Jimi Hendrix Experience
YouTube Channel: jasonarimoto

Neal Paisley - Gossip

Posted by Donnie Bubbles | 7:00 AM

Bluesy fingerpicking with a nice swing...

YouTube Channel: nealpaisley
Tip from Neal on playing the song: "It's a pretty simple 'A' progression, easy once you get the right hand to cooperate."

This performance was suggested by Allison R from the fleamarket bulletin board.

It's a classic, and a joke, and you can play it on a ukulele - everyone wins!

YouTube Channel: WeldBurnz

Every version of this song is so different that I had a hard time picking just one.

YouTube Channel: JimKeyes1

Jon Brion, a personal favorite, is one of the most interesting musicians working today, both as a performer and a producer.  Based on the web server stats for her last video, sweetafton23 is one of your favorites.

Jon Brion: Jon Brion
YouTube Channel: sweetafton23

I can't decide if Marie Darling reminds me more of Coco Rosie or Regina Specktor... 

Lesson - E-Z 2 Play Ukulele Blues

Posted by Donnie Bubbles | 7:00 AM

The blues are so much fun on a uke.  

YouTube Channel: kd5txo

Lesson - Moveable Major Chord Form

Posted by Donnie Bubbles | 7:00 AM

Captain of Uke's Moveable Major Chord Form Lesson is very helpful for growing your chord vocabulary.

YouTube: CaptainofUke

The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britian have two new albums coming out this month.

Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britian: The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain
Nirvana: Nirvana

At Oxford University, Andy Eastwood made history as the first musician ever to give his degree recital on the ukulele. Here, he rips up the banjo uke doing the William Tell Overture.

YouTube Channel: AceMusicOnline

Dominator makes some of the best tabs for ukulele, and his step by step instructions for this great song are fantastic.

Any man with the gumption to rhyme "beer" with "see her" (say it like Marge Gunderson "be-er") deserves to win the MacArthur Genius Grant.  Jacob allows you to download all three of his excellent album from his website for free.   My personal favorite song is brains, brains.

YouTube Site: creebobby
Interview: ukelelehunt.com

Great original song and fun video from Max the Ukulele Punk Rocker.

YouTube Channel: maxevancejpn

Koko Kaina was another performer suggested by Jodi Mathews who has impeccable taste.

YouTube Channel: KokoKaina

Sweet California vibe...

The Little Ones: The Little Ones

Aldrine over at Ukulele Underground posted a great tutorial for the classic ukulele jam song Drop Baby, Drop.  This hapakster performance demonstrates the song well.

The Mana'o Company: Mana'o Company
YouTube Channel: hapakster
Tabs: The Mana’o Company Drop Baby Drop Tabs - Ukulele - Look for the Poi Dog Post

Applesauce and Sabrina learn about the magic box and sing one of their favorite (Byrds) Dylan songs.

Bob Dylan: Bob Dylan
The Byrds: The Byrds
YouTube Channel: thewoolgatherers

The Gentle Surprise was recommended to me by Jodi Mathews on the Fleamarket Bulletin Board.  All their songs are great, but this one has been stuck in my head for weeks now.

YouTube Channel: TheGentleSurprise

The Barnkickers are a musical father-daughter duo performing original songs and familiar classics in a vintage style, utilizing a variety of acoustic instruments. 

This is one of my favorite tabs - the intro is instantly recognizable on ukulele. 

YouTube Channel: seeso

Brian posts a number of very good finger picking ragtime videos.

YouTube Channel: heftone

A flamenco style original from Jake.

Jake Shimabukuro: Jake Shimabukuro
Web Site: www.JakeShimabukuro.com

James Clem is a famous blues guitarist.   He plays with a loose confidence that is inspiring. 

YouTube Channel: mrbissonet
Web Site: http://www.jamesclem.com/
Interview: Ukulele Hunt Interview with James Clem
Tabs: Sunny Side of the Street Chords and Lyrics - Ukulele

Lesson - Best Strum in the World

Posted by Donnie Bubbles | 7:00 AM

This is the first in Coveywood's excellent series of strum lessons.

YouTube Channel: COVEYWOOD