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Donnie Bubbles

Myrsky27 - She

Posted by Donnie Bubbles | 7:00 AM

She couldn't sleep, so she made us this great cover of She by Green Day....

YouTube Channel: myrsky27
Chords and Lyrics: Green Day She - Ukulele

Lovely solo version of the beautiful Bowie song....

YouTube Channel: julesmail67
Chords and Lyrics: David Bowie Space Oddity - Ukulele

Fun, sparse cover of the new classic....

YouTube Channel: jriley626

I just can't get enough of her voice....

YouTube Channel: KowKowKooks

BaronK69 - One

Posted by Donnie Bubbles | 7:00 AM

Excellent cover of U2's best song....

YouTube Channel: BaronK69
Chords and Lyrics: U2 One - Ukulele

Neal Paisley - Boomerang

Posted by Donnie Bubbles | 7:00 AM

It is always a treat when Neal puts out a new video....

YouTube Channel: NealPaisley

Paulina rocking the uke, bass and a mop beard....

YouTube Channel: paulinasinaga

Ukelilli - I Love You So Much

Posted by Donnie Bubbles | 7:00 AM

Lilli garnered a good review from Simon Pegg, our greatest living actor....

YouTube Channel: UkeLilli

Inspired by Michael Lynch's arrangement, Ukester Brown and his little dog recorded this classic song to remind you about the excellent (but mostly forgotten) verse that goes with the chorus we all know.

YouTube Channel: UkesterBrown
Chords and Lyrics: Bing Crosby Pennies from Heaven - Ukulele

Free Bird, as Uncle Jeff heard it sung by Hank Williams in a dream...need I say more?

Lynyrd Skynyrd: Lynyrd Skynyrd
YouTube Channel: UncleJeff64

The Pyles - Call Out My Name

Posted by Donnie Bubbles | 7:00 AM

Incredible singer, and possibly the most talented smoker on earth! Thanks to Uncle Jeff for the tip on this one....

YouTube Channel: bummerwolf

I do love this performance, but I posted it mostly as an excuse to link to Stacey George's beautifully produced and handy Luau Sing-Along booklet containing chords and lyrics for 26 ditties (including this one) that are guaranteed to get your summertime party started.

Violent Femmes: Violent Femmes
YouTube Channel: bobbthompson

tUnE-yArDs - FIYA

Posted by Donnie Bubbles | 7:00 AM

Another great video of tUnE-YaRdS from Hooves on the Turf, an excellent place to see and hear new artists....

tUnE-YaRdS: Tune-Yards
Web Site: tUnE-YaRdS
UkeToob.com Interview: tUnE-YaRdS

tUne-YaRds: "FIYA" {Live} from Ray Concepcion on Vimeo.

tUnE-YaRdS - At the Secret Garden

Posted by Donnie Bubbles | 7:00 AM

Exceptional film of an extraordinary performer (recently signed to 4AD) who takes the ukulele into uncharted waters....

tUnE-YaRdS: Tune-Yards
Web Site: tUnE-YaRdS
UkeToob.com Interview: tUnE-YaRdS

tUnE-yArDs at the Secret Garden from hoovesontheturf on Vimeo.

FiPfft - Lithium

Posted by Donnie Bubbles | 7:00 AM

I particularly enjoy the voice-boxed cymbal crashes in Fi's swinging multi-track cover of this Nirvana song...

Nirvana: Nirvana
YouTube Channel: FiPfft
Chords and Lyrics: Nirvana Lithium

There are so many very good uke videos that I try to save the big kudos for the really great ones. This is it - absolutely incredible finger-picking Tom Waits cover by his number one ukulele playing fan....

Tom Waits: Tom Waits
YouTube Channel: waitswatcher
Chords and Lyrics: Tom Waits Cemetary Polka
Free MP3's - WaitsWatchers's Instrumental Covers of Tom Waits: http://www.box.net/shared/neckughhee

Nice, casual performance of a great Cat Stevens song....

YouTube Channel:

Molly hits again with this charming song about the assassination of Abe Lincoln....

YouTube Channel: sweetafton23

Okay, I'm sick of hearing about MJ too, but then Colin put up this great instrumental and....

YouTube Channel: colinrtribe
Tabs: Ask nicely at colinrtribe@btinternet.com and he will send them to you

I am not a CCR fan, and Fortunate Son is near the top of my "worst songs of all time" list, yet Danielle knocks it out of the park and has had me singing it for days now - now that is magic....

Danielle Ate the Sandwich: Danielle Ate the Sandwich
YouTube Channel: daniellesmagic

Nice performance and tab for a song that will make your mother say "awwww..."

YouTube Channel: Capotastomusic

Strange how well dark songs translate to the "bright and happy" ukulele....

Eels: Eels
YouTube Channel: casetone2514

Katie Pham - Bucket

Posted by Donnie Bubbles | 7:00 AM

The charming Katie Pham with another great cover....

Kings of Leon: Kings of Leon
YouTube Channel: katiephampham

Degcon - Walk, Don`t Run

Posted by Donnie Bubbles | 7:00 AM

DeG having fun with his green screen....

YouTube Channel: degcon
Tabs: Ventures Walk, Don't Run - Ukulele

Ken taking a break along the banks of the Seine to improv on the song "If I get Murdered in the City" by the Avett Brothers.

YouTube Channel: KenMiddletonUkulele

Another great lesson from Michael Lynch, with a little personal history to boot....

YouTube Channel: MusicTeacher2009
Chords and Lyrics: The Beatles Hard Day's Night - Ukulele

Coveywood - 4th Best Strum

Posted by Donnie Bubbles | 7:00 AM

Another fun strum from Coveywood...

YouTube Channel: COVEYWOOD

Snake Suspenderz, featuring Howlin' Hobbit on uke, is a great old time jazz band. If you are in the Seattle area, check out their live shows for a fun night out. And if you can't make a show, their new album, available in CD or on Snake Suspenderz, will fill your home or auto with sweet sounds.

YouTube Channel: HowlinHobbit

I think I may have said this about at least three other songs, but this is really my favorite song of all time, and it's good to see The Gentle Surprise is out playing live with the Passive Aggressive Trio, even if the sound on this recording is a little rough....

They Might Be Giants: They Might Be Giants
YouTube Channel: TheGentleSurprise

UncleJeff64 - Git'ninny Blues

Posted by Donnie Bubbles | 7:00 AM

This original is guaranteed to put a smile on your face. Uncle Jeff, who has a mean claw-hammer but a sweet disposition, is performing live on the WDVX Blue Plate Special radio show this coming Monday.

Outside of the broadcast area, the show can be heard live on the WDVX Web Cast on July 6th, 2009 - 12:00 Noon Eastern Time (GMT - 5:00)

YouTube Channel: UncleJeff64

WS64 - Only You

Posted by Donnie Bubbles | 7:00 AM

A richly fleshed out instrumental cover from the always exceptional WS64....

YouTube Channel: WS64